Unlimited Car Application

SAFEBRAKE brake hoses kit is available to almost every popular car models. If you are no longer impressed with how your car brakes, it is time you upgrade your brakes to SAFEBRAKE.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

You will have great satisfaction using SAFEBRAKE product as with thousands of other customers. Just by looking at the testimonials from our customers below you'll know that our customers are satisfied users of SAFEBRAKE product.


Docs / Support

In addition to comprehensive documentations that we included in the packaging box, you'll also get excellent support from us any time you need our help in installation.



Below we present examples of the car application that we have. Our kit are awesome! High quality, extremely useful during its lifetime for the reason it improve your car brake performance, what more could any car owner wants. You can also check our catalogue site or our Ebay store for more car application. Coming soon is our showcase in Amazon Stores in Europe, Canada and United States.

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Versatile Usage

The usefulness of SAFEBRAKE performance brake hoses kit is not limited. With specific application for your car model you can use it with your typical daily drive car with standard brake calipers and discs for added safety and fun of driving. You can also use it with any larger calipers or discs when you want to upgrade the power of your run about car to gain ultimate stopping power. In a 4X4 vehicle you can take advantage of SAFEBRAKE performance to stop your ride easily with heavy load or to fully lock all 4 wheels for easy tracking while crossing steep slope. Or you can use SAFEBRAKE in your 500hp racing car to help it win the race in the racing track.

More about how SAFEBRAKE works…

Comprehensive List

SAFEBRAKE has developed a comprehensive list of car model application covering popular car made and models and are continuously developing new car application for the world market. Our product list covers most car models of Australian, European, Japanese, Korean and other Asian made cars. These includes car manufactured from the 1970's to current model. Most of our brake hoses kit are made to fit like the original factory parts, unless stated otherwise.

Stunning Performance

By eliminating the line expansion caused by the factory fitted rubber brake hoses in your car, SAFEBRAKE Performance brake hoses kit offers stunning brakes performance. Made of rubber, factory brake hoses expands under operating pressure of around 1,500 psi. During the expansion the hydraulic pressure generated by the master cylinder dissipates into the expansion volume of the rubber hoses and less able to power the calipers efficiently. As the result your brake system is less than effective. With SAFEBRAKE kit installed most of the line expansion in your brake system is eliminated. This resulted in almost 100% of hydraulic pressure went to power your brake calipers with up to 100% effectiveness. While being flexible SAFEBRAKE brake hoses works almost as good as solid metal line. It is no surprise that many customers reported that the brake improvement feels as if the front calipers and discs has been upgraded.


SAFEBRAKE brake hoses core/lining is manufactured from TPFE/Teflone powder with 100% purity. No pigment or additives are incorporated. What made SAFEBRAKE perform better than other braided brake hoses brand is due to its heavy wall design and construction. This features alone helps to eliminate further line expansion in application where longer hose is required. Other brand has thin inner core/lining which does not perform as good as SAFEBRAKE performance brake hoses.

The wire braiding is produced from AISI 304/S15 or BS970-1 1996 quality hard drawn tensile stainless steel wire. SAFEBRAKE hoses has Maximum working pressure of 3,000 psi or 207 bar, Minimum burst pressure of 12,000 psi or 827 bar and Minimum bend radius of only 38mm. This tight minimum radius made SAFEBRAKE as the top performance brake hoses which perform almost as good as solid line with flexibility that rival that of rubber hose.

Key Advantages;

  • Unrivalled flex-life (Over 18 million normal cycle) for exceptional durability,
  • Minimal volumetric expansion (hose swelling/expansion) for powerful braking and amazing 'feel',
  • Negligible water ingress, meaning brake fluid is not contaminated and performance is not compromised,
  • Long service life while maintaining the same high level of braking performance,
  • Safer motoring the result of improved braking performance over standard rubber brake hose,
  • Unrivalled braking performance for track or racing application, regardless of the size of brake rotors and caliper,
  • Protection against the elements with PVC outer layer,
  • Additonal protection with tough Nylon coils around the full length of the hose in 4X4 Vehicle application.


Automotive Hydraulic Brake Hose Standards Compliance

SAFEBRAKE brake hoses is compliant with Australia ADR 42/04, New Zealand WoF (Warrant of Fitness), Canada CMVSS106, European ISO 3996:1995, Great Britain 16897-2010, Japanese JIS D2601:2006, U.S DOT FMVSS106, Worldwide SAE J1401-FEB2013.

Why you choose SAFEBRAKE®?

SAFEBRAKE is a performance brake hoses kit that you install to your car that gives you obvious improvement to your brake performance.

By eliminating most of the volume expansion caused by the standard rubber brake hoses, SAFEBRAKE works brilliantly in transferring high pressure hydraulic brake fluid without any pressure loss from the master cylinder to the calipers. This results in improved braking performance as the calipers now have much higher pressure fed into it, giving it more massive clamping power on the the discs brake. With massive brake bite now you can stop easier and in shorter distance even when towing, driving fast or with heavy loads in your car.

SAFEBRAKE features includes factory type end-fittings for individual car models, Fitment like factory part, 100% pure Teflone lining, Braided with AISI 304/S17 BS970-1 1996 quality hard drawn stainless steel wire, our Hose is ISO 16949:2009 certified to automotive OEM supplier standards.

By transforming your car brakes into better than new performance you will have everlasting enjoyment and satisfaction in driving and owning your car.


What Others Say About Us

Hi, the brakes on my Toyota Prado have been mediocre at best since I bought it new. I tried installing a new master cylinder and new rotors and tried every type of brake pad on the market to no avail. I installed a set of your extended brake hoses when I replaced my springs and shocks. WOW!!! What a difference it made! The pedal is now firm without the spongey Prado feel and the brakes actually pull you up without feeling that you are not going to stop. What a fantastic product! Thank you very much. I have been recommending your brake hoses to every one I know with a Prado. Many thanks again. 

Toyota Prado 120 Series - Owner

Ebay Australia buyer

"hey guys just a quick question but first of all i just want to say that your brake hoses have made an absolute beast of an improvement to my car and i have been telling everyone in my area about your hoses and cannot fault them at all. everything is just great with you guys the service and the products are amazing you are all so great to deal with, i work for super cheapo autoo in Newcastle and you are much better than all the suppliers i have to ring daily am very much impressed with everything so just wanted to say thankyou first of all." 

Holden Commodore VL - Owner

Ebay Australia buyer

Excellent product and service. Fitted to my Legacy as good as OEM but a far superior product. I fitted new rotors and pads at the same time so can't comment on the brake lines themselves, but the whole package has improved braking performance massively - I would say by 20-30%. Communication and delivery from Safebrake was excellent. Highly recommended.

Subaru Legacy BL, BP -Owner

TradeMe New Zealand buyer

"I have received the brake line many thanks for sending it out. I managed to fit it up on the weekend and bleed the brakes. Braking performance has definitely increased and I'm very happy with the kit. I look forward to purchasing a kit for my GQ patrol early next year.Many thanks!!!

Patrol GU 3.0 CRD - Owner

Ebay Australia buyer

Excellent product from a top-rated eBay seller! Super fast shipping! Thanks!! 

Landcruiser UZJ200 2 Inch Lift - Owner

Ebay United States buyer

Great stuff, got these installed before my track day and they were sweet!

Toyota Corolla ZZE123 Sportivo - Owner

Ebay Australia buyer

Fitting of the hose lines went without a hitch, absolutely perfect. The braking performance is very noticeable, what a brilliant product. 

Mitsubishi Pajero NP - Owner

Ebay Australia buyer

Just finished the installation and absolutely lovin it. The brake pedal is much firmer and seems like the stopping distance has improved too.

Mitsubishi Pajero NH SWB -Owner

Ebay Australia buyer

Super fast postage. SAFEBRAKE hoses made a huge difference, great seller  very happy, thanks.

Ford Fairlane NL - Owner

Ebay Australia buyer

Work a treat, fit perfect free post can't go wrong THANKS ++++++++

Ford Falcon FPV BF GT-P Brembo 6-piston - Owner

Ebay Australia buyer

The difference is amazing and the braking power has increased dramatically. Thank you for providing such a high quality product at a very reasonable price. 

Holden Commodore VY Clubsport - Owner

Ebay Australia buyer

Top notch product and service, speedy delivery. OEM like fitment, complete with all the necessary hardware, certified and WOF ok. 

Subaru Legacy BL5-BP 2003-2009  - Owner

TradeMe New Zealand buyer

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